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О курорте

О Айя-НапеКурорт Айя Напа (Agia Napa) находится на юго-востоке Кипра, от аэропорта Ларнаки на машине до него можно добраться за 40 минут. Еще недавно, каких то тридцать лет тому назад эта летняя молодежная столица Кипра было скромным рыбацким поселком, где единственной достопримечательностью был монастырь Айяс Напас. Теперь Айя-Напа совсем другая: аквапарк, лунапарк, музей моря, множество клубов и дискотек. Да, теперь Айя-Напа превратилась в модный курорт, настоящая молодежная столица острова, центр клубной жизни.

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  • Айя-напа, Кипр

    Айя-напа, Кипр

    Venice comes with a Fullscreen Position that allows you to create content which will fill the entire viewport. This works great in combination with the Cover component from UIkit or the Widgekit Slideshow. That way you can create fullscreen image and video headers with additional content.
  • Евротур


    The main navigation can be fixed to the top of the browser. Additionally you have the option to apply an alternative navbar, placing the logo between the items of a centered menu. When the Fullscreen Position is published, the navigation turns transparent and the logo is moved above the navbar.
  • Party toure

    Party toure

    This theme features two different blog styles. The default layout places the featured image above the article and adds nicely designed meta data. You can also arrange them side by side in an alternating two column layout that is great for blog teasers and adapts smoothly to different device sizes.
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    Venice comes with the new Widgetkit 2, including a Switcher Bonus Widget that fits perfectly into the theme's design. Present images in a clean grid with a nice overlay in a primary color and reveal a bigger version of the image as well as additional content by clicking on each of the items.
  • Спорт-тур


    You can add a different background style to each section. Choose between two colors or use a fixed background image that matches your Fullscreen Position. Venice theme comes with 6 different style variations to give you a starting point and to show you what this theme is capable of.

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